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CDRAKE Document Collaboration

Share what you know. Learn from others. 

If you are looking to collaborate with colleagues, share or find resources and tools, Document Collaboration is the place for you. As a CDRAKE community member, you can upload documents and project files, share them with your colleagues in an online workspace and collaborate to produce a richer product or tool.

It works like this: upload a document and mark as either public or private. If a document is public, any user can download, revise and upload new versions. If a version is private you may invite other registered CDRAKE community members to view the document and collaborate on it. Documents will indicate the owner, date uploaded, and a version number. To make edits, you download the document, open it on your computer using the appropriate editing software (e.g. word, excel, ppt), make your contributions and upload back on the site. Version control is placed on documents so that past versions can be viewed and edited. When you're done with a document or project file, make it public and share with our community. It's that easy!